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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke at the Council on Foreign Relations today on the House Republican vision to strengthen national security and regain our nation’s standing in the world.

Full remarks below or watch it online here.

“Thank you all very much and thank you for coming out today. This is part of Speaker Ryan’s plan for changing the House. The House becomes the House of ideas, provokes debate, and lays out an agenda.

“You know, a lot has changed in the last few years. There was a time not so long ago when America stood with its allies and against its enemies and when America’s strength and engagement led to peace and prosperity not just here, but around the world.

“But under the current Administration’s direction, America took a step back from the world and allowed others like ISIS, Russia, and China to fill the void.

“History has shown us time and again that the world can only be a safer place when America leads, and we need American leadership again.

“We need American leadership in the Middle East to stop the rising tide of terrorism in the region that threatens our allies and has already spilled over onto American and European soil. But it’s not just Sunni-sponsored terrorism.

“Iran’s destabilizing regional and global activities has only increased since the signing of the Iran deal. The Iranian government has proven what we always knewthey had no intention of changing their ways.

“We need American leadership in Europe to support our alliance structures and to ensure that our allies are holding up their end of the bargain. Then, we can present a unified and hardened front against Russian expansion that has increased tensions to heights not seen since the Cold War.

“We need American leadership in Asia to defend freedom of navigation and to a shift in the balance of power that would threaten our allies and interests in the region. China’s illegal land reclamation and North Korea’s rapid military advancements pose strategic threats to the region.

“What our Task Force on National Security has done is outline a different path than the one President Obama has led us down the past seven years. It is a path that recognizes America can only be safe if we proactively engage abroad rather than hide behind our oceans and leave the most challenging problems for other to deal with.

“It is a path that demands we investinvest in our unmatched military capabilities. That means cyber defenses, our active duty and reserve forces, and our veterans so that every part of our defenses has the resources that it needs.

“Unfortunately, America has lost significant standing on the world stage in the most recent years. And that respect can only be regained with strong investments, firm resolve, and proper leadership.

“The Housedeliberating through this Task Force on National Securityhas shown what it will take to keep America safe and regain our standing in the world. We have the resources and the will. The question we bring before the American people: Will we make the right choices?

“I want to thank the Task Force, the Chairmen, and all the members within Congress who have participated. This is the question of what America and the world will look like in the future. The world is safer when America leads.

“Thank you.”