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“This week the United States completed the process of transitioning to a new president. I want to again congratulate President Biden and Vice President Harris.

“I want to [also] thank President Trump and Vice President Pence for their service to our country and also acknowledge the many achievements of his administration.

“In just four years, we built the greatest American economy we had seen in a generation,  strengthened our military, passed historic peace deals, secured our southern border, and ratified the United States-Mexico-Canada Trade Agreement. 

“While there was a change of political party in the White House, the problems we need to address in America [impact Republicans, Democrats, and Independents alike].

“President Biden takes over at a time when Americans need to get back to work, get their kids in school, and get every American vaccinated that wants it. 

“That is an immediate national priority. So we must ask if the plans from the Biden administration are helping the American people [most in need.]  

“Are we helping businesses reopen and getting Americans back to work? Are we helping students get back in the classroom, after many of them have been learning from behind computers for nearly a year?  Are we helping individuals, especially our most at-risk population, gain access to a vaccine?

“That is why I was disappointed to see that within hours after assuming office, the new administration was more interested in helping illegal immigrants than in helping our own citizens. 

“More interested in virtue signals to climate activists than supporting union workers building the Keystone pipeline.

“And more interested in appeasing the WHO than getting to the bottom of how China released this virus to the world in the first place.

“In fact just this week a panel established by the WHO itself said the organization failed to act quickly at the start of the pandemic. Instead of demanding leadership change and reforms, the Biden Admin is rewarding failure.

“These are the wrong priorities at the wrong time. Americans need our help at home and that’s where our focus must remain.

“That means Congress needs to step up as well. But instead the [Democrats] want to go home. One day into a new administration and they have already canceled scheduled work for next week…

“I can promise you this: When Republicans are in the majority, we will not take the first week off, we’ll keep the Commitment to America that we promised.

“Republicans are here ready to work, ready to make sure that we get businesses back open again, we get kids back in school, and we get a vaccine to every person that wants one.

“To me, that is a unity agenda. To me, that is a priority Americans want to see coming out of Washington.

“And you can’t achieve that if you’re telling people to go home and not work. You can’t achieve that if your focus is more on the Paris Accord [and] ending the Keystone Pipeline. Those are not the achievements that I think America wants to see out of Washington.”