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Washington, D.C.– House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined Fox News’ Sunday Morning Futures with Maria Bartiromo to discuss the upcoming anniversary of the Tiananmen Square massacre and China’s continued failure to provide wanted freedom to its citizens. Leader McCarthy also discussed the crisis at the southern border and the power of big tech.

Highlights are below, or watch the full hit here.

On China
“We should have a national discussion about China. We’re a few days away from the 30th anniversary of Tiananmen Square, where a million people came to Tiananmen Square craving more freedom, freedom of expression. And you know what’s happened 30 years later? There is less freedom in China.

“China is the only country in the world that gives a score to their own people about their social activity. If you want to buy a domestic airline flight inside China, it’s a score whether you cannot. There is a report of a reporter who tried to buy a ticket, he was denied because of what he said on Twitter. They told him he should apologize, he apologized and they said that was insincere of how you apologized. They didn’t believe your apology. But what China is doing, remember when they built those islands in the South China Sea, said it would not be weaponized, well, that was a lie. They have a long term goal of where they want to be when in that 100-year anniversary in 2049. America should be discussing this, more so than what we’ve been discussing inside Congress. 

“When it comes to rare minerals, we can actually produce those in America. We should be passing legislation today that allows us to mine those, makes it easier to mine those, so we’re not beholden to China.”

Crisis at the Border
“Maria, you’ve actually been to the border. You know the crisis that has happened. If I recall correctly, you were down by El Paso. El Paso just broke a record — 1,000 people illegally coming across in one encounter. We have never been anywhere near that. You just heard the vice president, more than a million people apprehended illegally crossing the border, and those are only the numbers that we have apprehended on the process of this year.

“What the president is doing is getting the attention — there are not tariffs in place right now. We have until June 10 to solve this. We will have a meeting [with] Secretary of State Mike Pompeo this Wednesday. I think he is bringing the right emphasis to this but more importantly, Congress needs to act. We need to close the loopholes — our laws are wrong that are encouraging individuals to come. If I watched your own show, people coming across during your show because of asylum laws, the Flores decision and others, these are things that could be solved. This president is fighting to make sure we solve these problems.”

The Power of Big Tech
“If you look at what Google did to the California Republican Party right before the election — they set our ideology to Nazism. […] The power of these companies, remember, Google was a company that started and said don’t be evil. They no longer have that model. They now have a monopoly where 90 percent of searches go through Google.

“In 2013, the FTC actually looked at this and found that their behavior, the way they treated other companies was wrong, the way they abuse their monopoly power and they were supposed to correct themselves even though staff wanted to go further. I think it’s right to look at this because the power of that first placement of where you search something could influence what an individual does. But the way they treated other companies, this is something that has to be looked at. Three main companies control so much of our life from Amazon, Facebook, and Google.”