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Republicans in Congress stand united in a common goal. Our focus has always been on improving the lives for all Americans, whether it’s with lower energy bills or clearing regulatory obstacles to owning a home.

Over the last six years, the Obama Administration’s policies have hurt Americans across the country and have made it harder for them to not only be successful, but to get by. The Administration remains tone-deaf to what policies create the best opportunity for people to build a better life for themselves and their children. Keeping this focus central to our work, this week the House will vote on several bills that do just that.


H.R. 3192, The Homebuyers Assistance Act

Federal agencies in Washington are more emboldened than ever before, governing with increasing power and yet decreasing transparency. The House’s bill provides a temporary safe harbor from enforcement of a Consumer Financial Protection Bureau rule which poses significant implementation and compliance challenges. Owning a home has always been an important part of the American Dream, and federal agencies should never be permitted to put forth regulations to inhibit people from reaching that goal. Representative French Hill (AR-02)’s commonsense bill helps Americans get closer to achieving their American Dream.


H.R. 702, To Adapt to Changing Crude Oil Market Conditions

The Iran Deal, brokered by President Obama, allows Iran to begin exporting their oil to world markets, yet the White House has not lifted the ban crude oil exports here at home. The House’s bill eliminates this unnecessary restriction so that we can see growth in the energy sector, the lone bright spot in our economy.  If the U.S. was not subjected to the crude export oil ban 40 years ago, gross revenues could have exceeded $1 trillion dollars, according to some estimates. American families deserve to reap the benefits of exporting oil, instead of feeling the squeeze of higher prices on everything from food to energy costs. Sponsored by Representative Joe Barton (TX-06), this bill strengthens our economy as well as our geopolitical relationships.


H.R. 538, Native American Energy Act

The current regulatory system obstructs historically impoverished tribes from realizing the full potential of developing the natural resources on their land. This bill promotes energy development by American Indian tribes and Alaska Native Corporations and increases the opportunity for each to govern more aspects of energy development on their own lands. Representative Don Young (AK-AL) has led the fight for fewer complex regulations from the Department of the Interior that stifle the approval of these lands.