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President Obama’s economy has failed Americans across the board. After a debilitating recession, the people called for basic economic security and the opportunity to improve their lives. What they got instead was a treadmill.

American workers are running and running and running, but can’t get ahead. Recent studies show that 94 million Americans are not in the labor force, median household income is lower now than it was in January 2000, and 62 percent of people think our country is on the wrong track. The President has had eight years to fix the problem, but his policies have utterly failed.

The old approach won’t work anymore. To enable the opportunity Americans are waiting for, we need policies that understand effective government is more important than big government, that growing small businesses is better than overregulation, and that fair treatment is better than favoritism.

So the House is focusing on three bills these week to increase government’s effectiveness, stop the regulatory drag on small businesses, and end the executive overreach that favors some people over others.

  • The Housing Opportunity Through Modernization Act (H.R. 3700): Many times, government policy has gotten in the way of success, as outdated rules and ineffective programs do more harm than good. So the House worked together—Republicans and Democrats—to cut the red tape surrounding housing policy and improve the effectiveness of our housing programs so that these programs work best for the people who need them most.
  • The Encouraging Employee Ownership Act (H.R. 1675): According to a Pepperdine University survey, 53 percent of businesses say the current business environment is restricting growth opportunities and 46 percent believe it restricts their hiring abilities. That leaves people who want to work with fewer job options and fewer hours as businesses struggle to grow. To improve opportunity for small businesses, the House will target outdated regulations that block such businesses from getting the capital they need to start and grow.
  • The Financial Institution Customer Protection Act (H.R. 766): One thing we know about the Obama Administration is that it has no problem using government to favor businesses it prefers, like Solyndra, while targeting those it doesn’t, like Hobby Lobby. In Operation Choke Point, President Obama’s Justice Department is pressuring banks and other financial institutions to break ties with industries like short-term lenders and gun and ammunition stores that the Administration doesn’t like. Politics shouldn’t ruin people’s legal businesses, so the House voted to ensure fair treatment under the law for all.

Opportunity is not out of reach. It is at our fingertips if we make the right choices now to create effective government, smaller government, and fair government.