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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) spoke on the House floor today in favor of legislation that increases transparency about the costs of unfunded federal mandates.

A transcript of the remarks can be found below, or watch them online here.

“Mr. Speaker, there are many parts of government that like secrecy. In particular, many agencies like to hide the true costs of their regulations from the American people. After all, it’s easier to add more pages to the federal registry if nobody is sure exactly what the price tag is.

“But that’s not the way our democracy should work. For government to work, it needs to be accountable to the people. But to be accountable to the people, government needs to be honest and open with what it is doing.

“Washington needs reform. And a good place to start is to make sure the people know the true cost of what Washington is doing. No gimmicks. No hidden fees.

“That is why I support Representative Foxx’s bill, which demands transparency on unfunded mandates.

“You know, Mr. Speaker, this bill says a simple thing. It says we trust the people. It says that if the bureaucracy is afraid of telling people how much a regulation costs, then it shouldn’t impose the regulation. And if the bureaucracy isn’t following the rules and giving the people the information they need, this bill allows for the courts to review the agency.

“No more hiding.

“The people have a right to know as much as possible, and Washington has an obligation to tell them.

“I yield back.”