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Washington, D.C. – House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) appeared on CNBC’s Squawk Box and Fox News’ America’s Newsroom today to discuss President Trump’s budget proposal and House Republican efforts to reform the tax code.

CNBC Squawk Box

On President Trump’s budget proposal:

“I think it’s a serious proposal. Think about what it does. It sets a structure. It makes investment into the military that has been cut year over year. We look at what’s happening in the world, and first and foremost, my heart and my thoughts and prayers go out to all those in Manchester, throughout this entire nation. But it puts an investment into the military. He balances the budget over ten years. He reforms welfare reform. So he puts people back into work. I think this is a framework that people are looking at, as we start the budget process going forward.”

On the success of regulatory reform:

“No one talks about what we did when it came to regulation. Think about what government has imposed on so many businesses. Think about for the last five years averaging more than 80 major rulings [per year], meaning that it costs business more than $100 million…. Well you know what? That’s been peeled back. Never before in the history of America has there been a Congressional Review Act more than once signed into law. We have now done 14 in the short amount of time. That changes the climate out there. You have so much money sitting on the sidelines that people actually see a fundamental difference. They’ll make an investment. That puts more people to work, more tax dollars being put into the treasury because more people are actually working.”

On optimism:

“You know what has transformed with this last election. You know what the people said across this country. You know what is happening with President Trump travelling the Middle East—that those who are our allies are seeing a new fortitude that’s happening…. You’ve watched what we were able to accomplish on health care, that we were able to do it. You’ve watched what we’ve done with regulation on these CRAs, which no one has ever been able to do before except one time and we just did 14. You’ve watched what we’ve laid out before this election when it comes to tax reform, that we’ll lower the corporate rate, make it fairer for the individual rate, and let America actually compete…. You’ve watched the market grow up to new highs after this last election. So you know the opportunity and what America can actually accomplish. So let’s be optimistic about it. This country is too divided. This country needs to come together to achieve the big things.”

 FOX America’s Newsroom

On his reaction to the Manchester attack:

“My thoughts and prayers go out to all of those in Manchester––this was a cowardly attack. This continues to show that the world is not a safe place, but we stand with England just as we’ve done in the past and we will work through this and help them.”

On how Republicans will deliver a fairer tax code:

“This is about being fair and making it simple in the process. Lowering the corporate rate, taking the seven individual rates and lowering them to three and changing the direction of where this tax code actually works. The current tax code pushes you to put your company in another country to have a tax advantage. If you are successful, it forces you to keep money overseas––we have more than $2 trillion sitting overseas that could come back to invest in America…. So we’re transforming all that,… and we’ll get tax reform done this year.” 

On why Democrats should want tax reform:

“I would hope that the Democrats would want to have a pro-growth tax code. I would hope they would not want to have the highest corporate rate in the world. I would hope that they would actually want to join with us. That’s why in the hearing today it is a bipartisan hearing. Anybody can ask a question on either side of the aisle and we’re looking forward to hearing their ideas as we move tax reform forward.”