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For months the data has been clear: with reasonable safety precautions, it is safe to reopen schools. Doctors have said it. Health Experts have said it. Federal officials at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention said it again just this week.

About 24 hours ago, the CDC “weighed in with a call for returning children to the nation’s classrooms as soon as possible, saying the ‘preponderance of available evidence’ indicates that in-person instruction can be carried out safely as long as mask-wearing and social distancing are maintained.’”

“Federal officials cited the many benefits of in-person schooling for children, and argued for prioritizing their educational, developmental and emotional and mental health needs… ‘Schools are an important source not just of education, but health and social services for children,’” said one of the doctors cited. More on that here.

Despite the overwhelming evidence showing children belong in classrooms, the Biden Administration has sided with the teachers unions, instead of looking out for the best interests of our American families. 

  • After the Chicago Teachers Union resisted calls to reopen classrooms, President Biden stood by them, and he even received a “thank you” posted on the union’s official Twitter account. Meanwhile, Chicago’s parents were told not to send in their children to school today. Another day of missed in-person instruction, another setback to their educational development.
  • Last night, President Biden’s Chief of Staff, Ron Klain, backed up his boss in endorsing the teachers unions’ non-science based resistance to reopening schools. On whether schools should reopen, Klain says, “What you’re seeing is schools haven’t made the investments to keep the students safe.” Of note, Congress provided $54 billion for public K-12 schools in December’s bipartisan COVID package, which is in addition to the $13 billion they received through the CARES Act that was passed into law last March.

If private schools have figured out how to reopen, it is well past time our taxpayer-funded schools offer their families the same privilege. Our most vulnerable students continue to fall further behind – “researchers have determined that children living in the poorest 20% of U.S. neighborhoods will experience the most negative and long-lasting effects of school closures.”

We cannot allow this disparity in education to continue. Our children deserve more.

It is time for President Biden, Democrat leaders, and the teachers unions to prioritize students’ academic and developmental needs.

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