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Washington D.C. ¬– House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy released the following statement on Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey agreeing to testify before the House Energy and Commerce Committee on September 5th, regarding Twitter’s algorithms and content monitoring:

“Social media platforms are increasingly serving as today’s town squares. But sadly, conservatives are too often finding their voices silenced. Over the past several months, I have seen more and more examples of censorship that impact public officials and concerned citizens expressing conservative thought. One-sided conversations are an affront to the public mission that serve as the foundations for these social media platforms – including Twitter. That is why I worked with Chairman Greg Walden and requested Jack Dorsey to testify to Congress and talk with the American people about filtering practices on Twitter. After several conversations with Mr. Dorsey and the Chairman, we all agree that transparency is the only way to fully restore Americans’ trust in these important public platforms. This hearing will be critical to that end and I am happy Mr. Dorsey is taking a leadership role amongst his peers in this conversation.”