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We noticed a few news outlets framing former President Trump’s acquittal as the beginning of Biden’s presidency. One prominent morning newsletter recently led with, The Biden presidency starts today: “Fittingly, on Presidents Day, Biden, who returns to the White House from Camp David this afternoon, finally gets to be president.”

If Biden’s presidency “unofficially” started yesterday, who was responsible for killing thousands of jobs with the Keystone pipeline cancellation, risking our nation’s energy security with an unfounded oil and gas moratorium, and actively ignoring CDC guidelines to get our children back in school safely?

This commentary is partly rhetorical but still reflective of a deep disconnect between the beltway and the rest of the country. Usually a president’s actions that result in people instantly losing their livelihoods and contributing to a deepening crisis amongst our children would be big news.

What is often missed is that Republicans have and will continue to be focused on getting Americans back to work and children back to school. Whenever it is recognized, we’ve become accustomed to verbs such as “weaponize” or “pounce” to describe this work that has real life implications.

But therein lies our task not just as policymakers but as connections between our constituents and the nation’s capital. A few weeks ago, we linked to a column by Bari Weiss, whose advice was to “build original, interesting and generative things right now.” That’s what this blog tries to do. But the effort isn’t isolated here.

Last week, Leader McCarthy traveled to Texas with Reps. August Plfuger, Tony Gonzales, and Bruce Westerman to protect America’s energy leadership and the good jobs it brings. Whip Steve Scalise has led outreach to parent groups across the country and later this week he will join Ranking Member Virginia Foxx and Reps. Ashley Hinson and Brad Wenstrup on a national call with parents advocating for school reopenings. This important work might not earn the interest of the beltway press corps, but regardless of media attention, we remain focused on what matters to the American people and building creative ways to communicate that.