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When committee chairs reach the end of their tenure, they leave behind a legacy full of hearings, research, and legislation. As a nod to their leadership, their portraits are accepted into the House collection and often hang in the hearing rooms alongside other former chairs.

This week, Rep. Mike Conaway (TX-11) and Mac Thornberry (TX-13) portraits became the newest additions to adorn the halls of Congress for their tenure as the Chairman of the House Agriculture Committee and the Chairman of House Armed Services Committee, respectively. 

“Mike is a giant on the Agriculture Committee, in the Texas Delegation, and in Congress. I can think of few members who deserve this honor more than he does,” said Leader Kevin McCarthy, “Mike understands as a lawmaker your word and your actions are your bond. His leadership shows that.”

“I’ve had the good fortune of traveling together with Mac across the world,”  said Leader Kevin McCarthy, “On each of these trips, I saw just how much Mac cared about our men and women in uniform, what they were sacrificing, and what their presence symbolized. You couldn’t ask for a better person to represent the Congress abroad.”