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Yesterday was a day calling for unity and bipartisanship. They are laudable goals and we hope these themes bring prosperity and success for Americans who need it most, but we can be assured they won’t if unity is pursued as a single party rule. Rallying around Democrat proposals, especially when our country is politically split almost exactly in half, just for the sake of a unity label is wrong and unhelpful.

Take President Biden’s policies and executive orders so far, to start.

Rejoining the Paris Accord? Canceling the Keystone XL pipeline permit? Stopping construction of the border wall? Granting citizenship to millions of illegal aliens?

There are millions of Americans all around us suffering, facing eviction, closing their businesses, out of work. Yesterday we asked ourselves to measure President Biden’s proposals against one question: Will it help? Will these plans get Americans back to work? Kids back in school? Families healthy again? While there were a few that could be met with yes, the rest flatly do not.

The call for unity and the charge to be a leader for all Americans has so far been met with completely one-sided policies geared toward small, sporadic constituencies. And we ought to wonder why.

It might reveal Democrats are searching for unity within their own party first. This day one agenda is an answer to Rep. Ocasio-Cortez’s wing of the party, specifically after she critiqued President Biden last month for failing to create a cohesive vision. We will see if the progressives are satisfied with yesterday’s actions.

But that’s not unity. And what America needs right now requires a lot more courage and leadership than that.

Again, our immediate national priorities are clear: get Americans back to work, get our children back in school, and vaccinate every American who wants to be. Republicans will not be distracted in our pursuit of these purposes.