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Upholding our Commitment to America
A letter to House Republicans from Leader Kevin McCarthy:

This past week, we celebrated our nation’s independence, and a big part of that celebration includes remembering and thanking the men and women who have served and continue to serve today in protection of our freedoms and liberties. I know each and every one of you are proud to be an American, and we will never apologize for that. 

This patriotism runs through all of our communities and is on full display on July 4th. In my own community, celebrations included the return of a neighborhood parade that has taken place for 30 years and is kicked off with a cannon salute by the Grand Marshal. Firework displays over the River Walk in Bakersfield and pancake breakfasts in Tehachapi all marked community celebrations honoring our independence. 

To get a glimpse of how other parts of the country were marking the day, I asked my social media followers to share with us how they were celebrating our country and our freedom, and received some great stories. Here are a few: 

Brian Skon from Minnesota shared a photo of his daughter’s last day on the USS Gonzalez before she heads to Naval Station Great Lakes to be a Quartermaster sergeant instructor. “That’s a legacy of Independence Day!” he wrote. 

Jeff Booth from California shared an awesome shot of an American flag waving at the Folsom Pro Rodeo. “Had a great time. It was so patriotic. Loved it,” he said. 

Many others shared pictures of friends and family gathered together around BBQs, fireworks, and seas of all things red, white, and blue. Reading these reminds us that the best stories, experiences, and ideas come from all around the country.

It is in this spirit that we are committing to match our long-standing policy solutions to our nation’s challenges with a communications platform to share the stories that make up the America we know and love. Those stories lie with the people and ideas we represent, and those stories too often go untold. 

That is until now. We have launched the American Story: a platform to share scenes of the American way of life.

The American Story will feature conversations with people about their concerns as well as the opportunities they are striving for. It will include direct appeals to the country from our members, and a cache of content that shows where our conference stands on various issues — and we will always do it through the lens of how they affect Americans. In a few months, this page will represent a mosaic of stories, policies, and inspirations that truly reflect the state of the country and the citizens in it. We know this because listening is the foundation for the legislative solutions we create. 

You’ll see we’ve also revamped the Republican Address and have had a few members deliver our message in unique ways.

I welcome input and ideas from all of you on how we can best communicate the stories and concerns of our constituents. 

As House Democrats ignore the issues concerning our country and much of the mainstream media becomes increasingly uninterested in covering what is affecting real America, House Republicans will step up and go direct to and on behalf of the American people. 

On solutions, we developed and introduced last year our Commitment to America: a plan to Restore our Way of Life, Rebuild the Greatest Economy in History, and Renew the American Dream.  

This agenda was critical as Democrats were committed to defunding our police, dismantling our institutions, and destroying our economy. 

Our message resonated with the country and House Republicans defied the odds to come within a few seats of retaking the majority. This rightly offers optimism for the future. But we still face the reality of the Biden, Pelosi, and Schumer agenda today. And as we predicted, the Democrat agenda is hurting the American people. 

In order to inform our Commitment to America over the next year, we have introduced the Republican Task Forces which were first rolled out at the Member retreat in April. Each task force is designed to identify and develop policy solutions to the issues facing our country. The task force model is cross-jurisdictional, making it more efficient to build consensus around ideas. These ideas — along with our important committee work and individual Member ideas — will inform and strengthen our Commitment to America.

Read about the goals of each task force here

Our Commitment to America, crafted from our Task Forces, our committees, and the American Story platform, will clearly communicate who and what we are fighting for every day. I look forward to working with each of you on these important projects.

Kevin McCarthy