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As Representative Martha Roby (AL-02) pointed out today, a Central Alabama VA employee took a recovering vet to buy illegal drugs over a year ago and that same employee still works for the VA today.

The VA reform bill signed into law on August 7 will help ensure that misconduct like this never happens again by granting executives in the VA the power to fire employees who utterly fail our veterans.

But though we are moving toward a better VA, problems still persist. As Majority Leader McCarthy called for in a recent op-ed in the USA Today, we must create a 21st Century VA and unshackle ourselves from the old and failed idea that more bureaucracy, more government, and more money will solve today’s problems. Former Speaker Newt Gingrich agrees and called the idea of a 21st Century VA “the most forward-thinking analysis” in Congress on how to fix the ailing Veterans Administration.

The VA reform bill signed by the President was a necessary and positive step forward, but more work must be done in order to create a truly modern VA that serves our veterans as they deserve.