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Something big just happened. Republicans and Democrats in the House passed a defense authorization bill with a strong bipartisan vote. Then, Republicans and Democrats in the Senate passed a defense authorization bill with a strong bipartisan vote.

Now, this bill goes off to the White House, where one would imagine that the President would gladly agree to sign a widely bipartisan bill to authorize funding for national defense and give our troops a raise they deserve. But instead, the President unexplainably said he would veto the bill. This comes despite the fact that the total funding for national defense in this bill matches the President’s own request of $611.9 billion in defense discretionary spending. So why would the President veto exactly what he requested? It doesn’t make sense.

Defense has traditionally been a point of bipartisanship, reflecting our mutual commitment to national security. But the President is putting politics above our troops with this veto threat, refusing to act responsibly by doing his job to provide for the common defense. This puts our country at risk, and it’s wrong.

President Obama should stop playing politics and join with Republicans and so many members of his own party by signing this bill into law. Only then will our armed forces have the resources they need to keep our nation safe in the year ahead.

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