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Today marks 75 days since President Biden chose Vice President Harris as his administration’s point person to “[stem] the migration to our southern border.” She still has yet to travel to our southern border and see the extent of the crisis she and President Biden have created over the past six months.

Instead of upholding her responsibilities to the American people and our communities impacted by the border crisis, Vice President Harris decided to focus her efforts on studying the “root causes of migration” from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries. That’s why she’s in Guatemala today, her first foreign trip since becoming Vice President, where she just held a press conference during which she dismissed going to the border as nothing more than “grand gestures,” and declined to say when she’d actually go.

This unconventional approach is nothing more than a cynical political decision to ensure the blame doesn’t fall on her shoulders by distancing herself from Biden’s Border Crisis.

Now Vice President Harris and the Biden administration want to take the typical Democrat approach of throwing more taxpayer dollars at a problem without first thinking through a coherent strategy. Over the next four years, President Biden is proposing we send $4 billion in aid to Central America with the pretense this will help curb the historic migration happening at our southern border.  But there are two glaring problems to their proposal of spending our way out of the border crisis: 

  • Aid programs have failed to stem migration in the past.
  • Border apprehensions of individuals from countries outside of Central America are rapidly increasing.

As Vice President, Biden has already tried spending our way out of a migration surge. He “led an enormous push to deter people from crossing into the United States by devoting hundreds of millions of dollars to Central America.” However, that never panned out. In fact, in Guatemala specifically, the $1.6 billion America provided in aid over the last decade proved ineffective.

Vice President Harris won’t find the root cause of the border crisis on her Central America tour because it’s her and President Biden’s policies that are actually responsible. And word that our southern border is open reached significantly further than just Central America. The Border Patrol reported that encounters with individuals from nations other than Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador jumped by 35 percent since March 2021, and individuals from over 160 countries have recently been apprehended.

Vice President Harris’s plan to uncover the “root causes” of immigration from Mexico and the Northern Triangle countries will, of course, do nothing to curb the rapidly increasing influx of individuals from around the world who want to take advantage of this administration’s open-borders approach.

Meanwhile, as the Biden-Harris administration avoids formulating any real solution to their border crisis, our communities are paying the price. “We get the brunt of it all,” said outgoing McAllen, Texas, Mayor Jim Darling. Border communities like McAllen routinely have hundreds of migrants released into them, without COVID tests, and without the infrastructure or assistance to adequately deal with the situation.

The Biden Border Crisis is getting worse, and as his chosen “point person,” Vice President Harris, has a responsibility to help end it. Instead of touring Central America and promising more aid, she should be helping our own communities navigate this crisis.

But of course that would require actually visiting our southern border and witnessing the crisis for herself, something she reaffirmed today still isn’t a priority for her.