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Today, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following video on his newly introduced bill, the Save Our Sequoias (SOS) Act. This is a robust bill that would immediately address the imminent threats facing Giant Sequoias by reducing the risk of catastrophic fires in groves through the removal of hazardous fuel build-up, continued forest management, and other comprehensive reforestation strategies.

Leader McCarthy shared the following statement:

“Giant Sequoias are native to my district. These wonders live for thousands of years. But in the last three years, nearly 20 percent of the world’s Giant Sequoias have been destroyed by fires.

 “This is devastating.

“Yet, what these iconic trees have also managed to do is bring together a divided Congress that shares a commitment to protecting these natural wonders.

“I was proud to introduce this bipartisan piece of legislation with Ranking Member of the Natural Resources Committee Bruce Westerman and Congressman Scott Peters to find commonsense solutions to this problem. Our Giant Sequoias are in crisis, and it’s time to act now.”


You can read more about the Save Our Sequoias Act below: