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“A year ago this week our country went into lockdown. But we went right to work.

“Over the past year Congress had passed five relief bills to get America back on its feet. Each one of those was bipartisan. 

“This week Congress passed the sixth. It is the largest single spending bill in history. And the only bipartisan vote was to vote against the bill. Not one Republican voted for it. Why?

  • “This isn’t about the virus — less than 9% is used to defeat the virus.
  • “It doesn’t prioritize school reopenings — most of the money for schools isn’t spend until 2023
  • “It pays people more to stay at home than go to work
  • “It includes hundreds of billions in state bailouts when — as the Wall Street Journal reported last night — ‘Despite the pandemic’s crushing toll on the U.S. economy, total state tax revenues were roughly flat in 2020 from the year before.’

“This isn’t a relief bill. It is a payoff for Pelosi’s political allies and it will be the American people paying the bill. 

“And as Pelosi and Biden try to convince the nation otherwise, the same three real priorities remain. 

“We need to reopen every school in America. Science [shows] it is safe to reopen and we risk more by keeping schools shut down.

“We need to get 10 million Americans back to work. 

“And… [we need to] vaccinate the country and restore our way of life. 

“A focus like that would allow this Administration to do the right thing while also doing the other things it is responsible for — such as securing our borders…

“Even President Biden’s own Secretary of State Blinken said just yesterday ‘strong borders are fundamental to our national security…’

“I couldn’t agree more – that is why we must address the crisis at the border that is spiraling out of control. And it is entirely caused by the actions of this administration.

“In February alone, there were more than 100,000 migrant encounters, a 7-year high and a 173% increase from this same time last year…. 

“Let’s put that into perspective — in one month 100,000 migrants [were encountered]. That’s more [than the population of] Joe Biden’s hometown, Scranton, Pennsylvania…

“Health and Human Services has reported they are taking in 321 children a day – up from a weekly average of 203 from just a few weeks ago. 

“Last week I sent a letter to the President asking for a meeting to talk about the crisis. I haven’t heard back. 

“The American people also haven’t gotten an update since it has been 50 days since the President has held a press conference. 

“So on Monday I will be at the border myself with several of my colleagues.

“Leading up to our visit, we have been talking with American citizens and officials on the ground to hear from those being personally affected by Biden’s failure…

“A rancher named Russell who lives in New Mexico does not allow his children to play outside unsupervised anymore because Biden left a nearly mile long gap in the border wall on his property when he halted the wall’s construction in January.

“Just about every one of the houses in his community have been broken into recently. 

‘Not only that, his cattle are getting sick from the stress of hundreds of people crossing by them everyday. The cattle wander out through the broken fences to Mexico. Mexican cattle wander in — sometimes bringing disease. It’s destroying his livelihood. 

“We also talked to a mayor in Texas who said the facilities down there are so packed, Border Patrol is left to just release migrants in the middle of town.

“There is a car chase now just about every single day. Just this Sunday, they had a head-on crash during one of these pursuits.

“The migrants are sometimes armed. In the last two weeks they’ve had to shut down the schools because armed migrants are out. In January, multiple officers were shot at…

“A member of the Texas Farm Bureau told us an acquaintance of his in Southern Arizona was just forced to move off his ranch because his 6 year old daughter was missing. They followed tracks south on the ranch until they found her sitting alone barefoot miles away from their house after Border Patrol tracked the group down. 

“One common theme here is: this is not a political issue anymore. It’s becoming a national security concern, that’s why I sent a letter to President Biden to work on solving the crisis he created along the border.”