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As we continue to build out the response to the health and economic crisis caused by the coronavirus, the federal government’s actions must center on three priorities: getting people back to work, our kids back in school, and a vaccine to every American who wants one.

Currently, there are 11 million Americans out of work, and instead of acting to create jobs, the Biden administration is destroying thousands of them by canceling the Keystone XL pipeline permit.

And it won’t just be the laborers who are harmed. As Leader McCarthy explained today at an energy event, “it’s not just the tens of thousands of workers on the Keystone Pipeline, but… the hotel owners and restaurant owners who are now losing their jobs.” For example, Laurie Cox, who owns a hotel on the path of the Keystone XL Pipeline that hosts workers traveling to town for the project. After seeing them return early in the wake of President Biden’s executive order, she explained to Leader McCarthy’s office her sudden realization that the future of her own job and small business had also been jeopardized by President Biden’s reckless decision.

No warning. No time to figure out their next steps. They were just told their jobs would go away in the middle of an economic crisis. These are real people, with families and bills, and the takeaway message from the President is that their livelihoods don’t matter. President Biden’s own climate czar, John Kerry, told these workers who just lost their jobs that they can go “make solar panels.” “And think of the hypocrisy of his answer back: go put in solar panels. That’s your answer to the American essential workers?” asked Leader McCarthy.

But their livelihoods do matter, and that is why House Republicans are standing up and serving as a voice to every family and individual impacted by the Biden Administration’s job-killing policies.

Last week House Republicans sent a letter to the Biden Administration urging the administration to “revoke the 60-day moratorium on new mining, oil and gas leasing and permitting on federal lands.”

Today House Republicans continued to act on our promise by hosting an energy roundtable in Houston to continue to call attention to this serious issue. Joined by other leading House Republicans at the Port of Houston, Leader McCarthy explained that over the last few years our energy industry has made America stronger, created more jobs, lowered the price of energy for Americans, and also made the world safer against our adversaries. “I never envisioned all that success could be wiped away with one pen,” stated Leader McCarthy, “President Biden was sworn in talking about unity, [and then] in less than two weeks wiped away tens of thousands of American jobs.”

Republicans’ efforts to help people won’t stop with just words. Today Leader McCarthy and House Republicans announced that they are introducing the Keystone Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservations Act, which will provide a pathway to cleaner energy while ensuring the pipeline is built and our fellow citizens get to keep their jobs, pay their bills, and provide for their families.

“This group here will not sit back. Today we will join Representative Kelly Armstrong in introducing the Keystone Pipeline Construction and Jobs Preservation Act, [which] will also be submitted by Senator Daines in the Senate.” said Leader McCarthy. “If President Biden is serious about [achieving] unity, come to Houston, come to middle America, come look in the faces of those workers… and tell them why you took their jobs away without even talking to them.”

Clean energy should be made in America, by Americans, for American families, and to trade with the rest of the world. As Leader McCarthy put it, “at a time when households are already struggling, our immediate priorities are to protect American jobs and promote affordable energy, especially natural gas.” We cannot afford to let the Biden Administration leave hard working Americans behind.