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Today, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) joined several members of the Leader’s Advisory Team on Cuba as invited speakers at the American Conservative Union’s (ACU) Cuba Libre Demonstration for a Free Cuba.

“Why are we here? We’re here for freedom. For those in Cuba who crave it: we hear you, we support you, we are with you,” McCarthy said. “There is no doubt, no question, in this House, when you hear from these Members, we are a beacon of freedom and we will stand with anyone who craves freedom.”

“But we need our voice to be louder and stronger because we need to hear it from Pennsylvania Avenue,” McCarthy continued.

“We have to stand now, we need the internet up so people understand, we need the world to understand what’s going on,” he said. “The problems that happen in Cuba are not from America, [they’re] from communism. America is more than a country, America is an idea.”

McCarthy thanked today’s participants for attending, including Clementine and Joaquin Perez-Febles, pictured above. They fled Cuba in 1962 and have been living in northern Virginia. “Being in this country, every American should be aware of the freedoms we are allowed. We enjoy that and want that for Cubans,” Clementine told our office.

McCarthy left the crowd with this call to action: “Every freedom-loving person in the world should join with us. If you’re here today, thank you. But bring more. Let’s make the pressure mount.