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When asked about taking a private jet across the world to receive a climate leadership award in 2019, John Kerry, who President Biden later chose to be his climate czar, claimed it was the “only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle.”

Regardless of the irony and the metric tons of carbon he and his family are personally emitting into our air through just their private jet, this “people like us” mentality we often see from some in the leftist political class should be noted. It sure isn’t a unifying or inspiring message, at best, and it acknowledges an American divide while passively ignoring it at the same time, at worst.

We touched on this relationship the other day in our story about the Stroppel Hotel: “People misunderstand a few things about Americans like Laurie and Wally. What people like John Kerry don’t understand as he tells workers in [oil and gas] industries to just go find other jobs (from his private jet, nonetheless), is that it’s not that simple…”

For what it’s worth, Kerry also could’ve just explained why his carbon emissions don’t have an effect on the “battle” he is fighting, like he did last week (see: Kerry Admits Zero Emissions in US Wouldn’t Make Difference in Climate Change).

But like we said Tuesday, the stories and lessons of “people like” Laurie and Wally are far more interesting and inspiring than, say, that of a man flying around the world on his family’s private jet.