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While Speaker Pelosi plots her latest power-grab, Rep. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (IA-02) is governing. Rep. Miller-Meeks was part of the House GOP delegation who traveled to our southern border. She saw firsthand the Biden border crisis, spoke to Border Patrol agents, and worked to address a crisis that the Speaker doesn’t acknowledge.

Rep. Miller-Meeks represents the people of Iowa’s 2nd congressional district, but Speaker Pelosi wants to change that. This Sunday, Pelosi was pressed on why she is working to reverse the results of a congressional election and unseat a sitting member of Congress. Her answer? “Well, it was six votes” that determined the winner, Rep. Miller-Meeks.

Speaker Pelosi should not dismiss the significance of six votes. After all, six votes against her would stop Democrats’ socialist agenda from passing the House and cost her the Speakership.

As Lead Republican on the House Administration Committee Rodney Davis (IL-13) noted, “this is politics at its worst.”

While extraordinary, Democrats have gone down this road before. In 1985 the Democrat-controlled House reversed a state-certified election result and in 1938 another Democrat-controlled House installed the losing congressional candidate, unseating the incumbent member. As the Wall Street Journal observed, “Democrats may not have the large majorities they had in 1985 and 1938, but their current narrow majority is united, willful and determined.”