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“This President has kept every single promise he made, but how do we make tomorrow better than today?

“We’re going to rebuild our economy, we’re going to tackle China — something you didn’t hear about from Joe Biden — [and] we’re going to change our supply chain…

“We’re going to change all of that and… make [our] cities safe again.”

“So we’re going to be celebrating America [this week]. The difference: we’re not going to be cynical like the Democrats. 

“Because we know America is exceptional, and we’re going to have people that understand America’s exceptional, understand America is one nation under God…

“[Just yesterday] Republicans put on the floor funding to combat COVID-19. We put funding in there for the small businesses… to help them with the [Paycheck Protection Program], and also funding for police because we’re watching what’s happening in our major cities.

“But do you know what? That was defeated. And the worst part about it being defeated [is how]… Nancy Pelosi now allows Democrats not to show up for work.

“Sixty-eight Democrats didn’t even show up for this ‘special meeting’ — they stayed home and they were still being paid. That is what’s wrong with Nancy Pelosi being Speaker.”