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Republicans in the House of Representatives have made a Commitment to America, and if we are in control of the House next year, here’s what we will do:

  1. Fundamentally, the first thing is defeating this virus. We’ll make sure that we have a vaccine and therapeutics as well. It will be safe, secure, and effective, no matter which vaccine.
  2. We won’t defund the police. We’ll actually add $1.75 billion dollars to go towards better training, community policing, and most importantly—500,000 new body cameras.
  3. We’ll implement our plan to build and create 10 million new jobs—good, high-paying jobs. That means ending the supply chain with China and bringing those manufacturing jobs back here.
  4. We also have a five-year plan to rebuild our roads, our highways, our airports, our bridges, and make sure everybody has access to the Internet.
  5. Then we’ll go on to make sure we take care of our veterans and provide opportunities for every child to go to an excellent school.

That’s just the beginning. If Republicans retake the majority in the House, America’s best days are still to come.