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A letter to House Republicans from Leader Kevin McCarthy:

By electing Republican Glenn Youngkin as their new governor, Virginia voters sent an undeniable message that extends beyond the Commonwealth to every corner of the country. In times of anxiety, Americans are focused on the success and stability of their families and communities. Americans want a change in leadership, and Virginia is just the first step. 

Glenn Youngkin understood this, and won by listening to families and communities across Virginia that were being ignored by the Democrat-controlled state capitol. Meanwhile, Terry McAuliffe lost by listening to partisan political consultants and far-left activists. 

If this sounds familiar, it’s because the McAuliffe Playbook is exactly what we have seen from the Biden administration and Nancy Pelosi’s House Majority this entire year. 

Instead of working to address rising gas and grocery prices, increasing burdens on local businesses, chaos at our southern border, and an influx of crime, Democrats have refused to listen to and learn from the people. They’ve wasted months scheming up a partisan, multi-trillion dollar spending bill that will raise taxes on hardworking taxpayers and exacerbate many of these very problems.

But Republicans are listening. We are committed to solving the day-to-day challenges facing Americans. Our commitment: safety in our neighborhoods and communities, improving an education system that prepares all students for college, careers, and real life, and rebuilding the strong, stable economy we know our country is capable of achieving.

It’s no wonder that an NBC News poll found strong majorities of Americans have greater confidence in Republicans to handle border security, inflation, crime, national security, the economy, and “getting things done.”

This sentiment is not just because Washington Democrats are bad at their jobs (though they are). It’s because our united Republican Party is stepping up to fill the void in leadership.

Earlier this year, we introduced seven task forces with the explicit objective — along with the ongoing work of our committees — to start developing policies now so that we are ready on day one of a Republican majority to vote on legislation that will make life better for all Americans. 

Here is a snapshot of the progress we’ve made so far:

American Security: Unlike President Biden, hundreds of House Republicans have traveled to the southern border and witnessed this national security crisis firsthand. We have offered five proposals to both get the current crisis under control and stem the flow of future illegal immigration. Additionally, the way the Biden Administration handled the withdrawal from Afghanistan was nothing short of a global disgrace. In response, we have leaned on the expertise of the dozens of veterans in the House Republican  Conference to outline a strong and coherent plan forward.  

Jobs and Economy: Democrat-designed welfare programs, such as extended unemployment insurance, have created a labor shortage for our small and local businesses. On top of that, inflation and a supply chain crisis are driving up the costs of goods. Republicans know what it takes to create a record-setting economy because we’ve done it before — and we will do it again.

China Accountability: The aftermath of the Covid-19 pandemic demands accountability and transparency. We launched an eight-point plan to hold the Chinese Communist Party accountable for its continued coverup of the Covid-19 origins.

Big Tech and Censorship: Big Tech doesn’t just have a free speech problem, it has an anti-competition problem too. That’s why we introduced a framework to stop Big Tech’s behavior based on three principles: accountability, transparency, and strengthening antitrust review.

Energy, Climate, and Conservation: We have introduced dozens of solutions that would unleash America’s innovation and energy potential so we can return to being an energy independent nation that enjoys affordable, reliable, and clean energy to drive our cars and heat our homes.

Healthy Future: We will develop policies to modernize and personalize America’s healthcare system, support innovative treatments, restore the doctor/patient relationship, and provide all Americans more affordable healthcare options that fit their individual needs. The task force will also aim to make sure the U.S. is prepared for the next pandemic and ensure our country has a more resilient medical supply chain.

Future of American Freedoms: If the Virginia results showed us anything, it is that parents are demanding more control and accountability in the classroom. In the coming weeks, we will introduce our Parents Bill of Rights because House Republicans wholeheartedly stand with parents — that they have a real say in what their kids are learning at school.

Today is a wakeup call for Washington Democrats — abandon the partisan, extremist agenda of Washington-based programs that cost trillions of dollars we don’t have for programs nobody wants and are paid for by tax dollars we can’t afford. 

Washington Democrats have ignored their constituents, and they have been punished by the voters they serve. Americans want new leadership. 

Tonight is the clearest sign that a Republican wave is coming. Earlier this year, in Texas’ 6th Congressional District, Democrats underperformed their 2020 election results by 22 percent. 

Tonight, in Virginia, Democrats are underperforming their 2020 election numbers by 20 percent. A Republican governor was elected after 13 consecutive statewide election losses to Democrats. 

In New Jersey tonight, Democrats are underperforming 2020 election results by over 15 percent.

Finally, we grew our conference tonight as well — Mike Carey won the special election for Ohio’s 15th Congressional District and outperformed expectations by trouncing a candidate Joe Biden endorsed just days ago.

Given this trend, we are expanding the map. We will challenge every Democrat next year to maximize our coming majority and deliver on the needs of the American people. House Republicans are ready to lead. Restoring faith and opportunity for a better life in this country is our responsibility and our Commitment to America.

Kevin McCarthy