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Fewer Americans are self-identifying as “middle-class,” according to a new Gallup poll. Currently 51 percent of Americans say they are middle class or upper-middle class, compared with surveys conducted from 2000 through 2008 in which more than 60 percent of Americans classified themselves as such. The percentage of those identifying as working and lower class rose from 33 percent in 2008 to percent.

The poll echoes the sentiment Americans are feeling throughout our districts and across the country: the Obama economy is squeezing the middle class and the President’s failed agenda is crushing our economy, making it harder for Americans to get and stay ahead.

Middle-class families and individuals are what drive the American economy. That’s why in the first 100 days of this Congress the House has made growing Americas economy one of our top priorities.

  • We approved the Keystone XL pipeline, which will create jobs in our energy and infrastructure sector, while boosting North American energy independence.
  • We repealed Obamacare and passed a bill to reduce the burdensome costs like restoring the 40-hour work-week by repealing Obamacare’s 30-hour definition of full-time employment that puts low-wage workers at a disadvantage.
  • We modernized and expanded college saving plans for families who hope to get ahead in saving for their children’s college education.
  • We passed bipartisan bills to grow small businesses and reduce regulations on Main Street that hurt jobs and put added costs on our economy.

The House’s agenda this Congress will focus on how to best empower the middle-class and expand economic opportunity and mobility for all. Throughout the next 100 days and beyond, we will continue to focus like a laser on jobs and the economy, and we will not stop until Americans finally have the economic security and opportunity that they’ve lacked for so long.