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On Wednesday night, House Democrats did the unthinkable: they jammed through a bill that would actually defund the police. What began as a socialist slogan and became a battle cry for violent leftwing mobs last summer just took a dangerous step toward becoming federal law.

The legislation — which fails to include common sense solutions supported by Republicans, like improving training, enhancing transparency, or reinforcing accountability — would force new regulations on police departments without providing any money for them to comply. These “unfunded mandates” would cost police departments across the country hundreds of millions of dollars. That’s the equivalent of taking 3,000 or more cops off the streets.

That means fewer men and women in uniform patrolling our communities, and that means communities would be less safe. If we’ve learned anything since the riots began last year, it’s that there is a direct correlation between defunding police and higher crime rates.

To date, twenty two U.S. cities — almost all of which are liberal strongholds — have substantially defunded their police departments. Predictably, crime rates have increased dramatically in many of these locations. Here are just three examples:

Los Angeles, California

LAPD funding was reduced by $175 million, and the city saw an 11 percent rise in homicides. 2021 is off to an even worse start. According to the LAPD, south Los Angeles suffered 59 shootings in the first 14 days of 2021, compared to just seven last year when the department was fully funded.

Austin, Texas

Local leaders made a $150 million cut to the police budget, which forced the cancellation of three upcoming cadet classes and caused the officer attrition rate to nearly double. As a result, homicides spiked by over 50 percent. U.S. Attorney for the Western District of Texas, Gregg Sofer, directly linked defunding the Austin Police Department to the uptick in crime, stating, “defunding the Austin Police Department” is contributing to the dramatic increase in violent crimes in Austin, “…we’re starting to see people from other cities come to Austin and commit crime here.”

New York, New York

The same trend played out in New York City after the NYPD’s budget was cut by $1 billion. Since then, there has been a 97 percent increase in shootings, and a 45 percent increase in homicides — perhaps the most dramatic example of the consequences of the ‘Defund the Police’ movement. While the city descended into chaos, the world watched in horror as stories like that of Davell Gardner, a one-year-old shot and killed at a Brooklyn barbecue, became more and more common.

Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City should have served as a warning to Democrats that their plan to defund the police was misguided and dangerous. But instead, House Democrats just made the ‘Defund the Police’ strategy in those cities their blueprint for the rest of the country.