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Washington D.C. – Over the past two nights on the debate stage and the past 200 days of the House Democrats’ majority, the American people expected to hear the Democrat Party’s agenda on the pocketbook issues that impact their daily lives.

Instead, they’ve only heard Democrats squabble over their socialist wish-list items:

On taking away 158 million Americans’ health insurance:

  • “‘MEDICARE FOR ALL’ is no longer a goal, but now a litmus test for serious Democratic candidates. If you’re a candidate, and you support some version of it, you might find yourself explaining how that version is the real version, not the other guys’.” (Politico Playbook PM, Politico, 8/1/19)

On creating an incentive that would worsen our border crisis and stress America’s social services:

  • “BORDER CROSSINGS should be decriminalized, many of the candidates believe.” (Politico Playbook PM, Politico, 8/1/19)

On guaranteed income for Americans who are unwilling to work:

  • The Green New Deal, which many Democrats support, calls for “economic security for all who are unable or unwilling to work.” (“Green new Deal Fact Sheet and FAQ from Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Sen. Edward Markey,” Heartland Institute, 2/8/19)

On the Democrats’ fixation to impeach President Trump:

  • “Majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry.” (“Majority of House Democrats now support impeachment inquiry,” Politico, 8/1/19)

While Democrats fight amongst themselves over how to create a socialist nation, House Republicans are speaking with their constituents about actual solutions for families. Such commonsense wins for our economy include:

Passing the USMCA:

The United States International Trade Commission detailed specific wins for the American economy:

  • Raise GDP by $68.2 billion.
  • Create 176,000 jobs.
  • U.S. exports to Canada would increase by $19.1 billion and to Mexico by $12.4 billion.

A recent report from the Office of the United States Trade Representative, the USMCA would do wonders for the American auto industry (in places like Michigan, where the debate was held) within just five years:

  • “$34 billion in new automotive manufacturing investments in the U.S.”
  • “$23 billion in new annual purchases of U.S.-made automotive parts”
  • “76,000 jobs in the U.S. automotive sector”

Rebuilding America’s infrastructure:

House Republicans know we can rebuild our infrastructure in a commonsense, bipartisan way. The Generating American Income and Infrastructure Now (GAIIN) Act, would require the Department of Agriculture to sell its distressed assets on the open market and then direct the Department of Treasury to distribute the proceeds towards infrastructure projects in America’s 100 most financially-distressed districts.

  • It would not require raising taxes.
  • It has bipartisan sponsorship from a wide array of Members:
    • Republican Study Committee
    • House Freedom Caucus
    • Congressional Black Caucus

Ending surprise billing:

A recent study shows nearly 1 in 5 visits to the emergency room results in a surprise medical bill. This is not a small problem and those are not good odds; it could happen to anyone.

  • That’s why in July, the Energy and Commerce Committee passed the No Surprises Act out of committee.
  • The Washington Post editorial board expressed confidence it can get across the finish line:
    • “CONGRESS IS broken. Except, in increasingly rare cases, when it isn’t. See, for example, a surprisingly calm and reasonable movement on Capitol Hill to eliminate surprise medical billing, a symptom of the nation’s unwieldy health-care system that saddles people with massive, unexpected financial debts stemming from the care they receive.”