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House Majority Whip McCarthy appeared on FOX News this morning to discuss the House Veterans’ Affairs Committee hearing today on VA accountability and the House-passed VA Management and Accountability Act (H.R. 4031). Watch and listen to what McCarthy had to say:

We’re actually going to pass a bill in the House and fortunately, in the House we have been passing bills for a couple years. This is not a new problem. The headlines have just come up, so the Administration is just now acting. We have more than a half dozen bills now over on the Senate. So you’ll find tomorrow we’ll pass a bill that allows veterans if they are passed the deadline that the VA sets – it could be 14 days or 30 days – that they can get the care in their own local communities. Why wait? This is a GAO study that I requested back in 2011. The Chairman and I had written to Shinseki at the beginning of January 2013 about this. These are problems we have known about and in the House have been working on and passing bills that the Administration has ignored for too long.”