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Washington, DC – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement regarding today’s announcement by the Department of Health and Human Services that seniors will lose access to their doctors and other heath benefits:

“Medicare Advantage was established to provide America’s senior citizens the ability to customize their health care coverage, picking the plan that best fits their needs while lowering costs and improving outcomes—and it is a resounding success. Medicare Advantage now provides quality affordable coverage to more than 15 million Americans, giving them access to more choices that better meet their needs.

“Unfortunately, the Obama Administration is attempting to gut Medicare Advantage. Today’s announcement, coupled with over $300 billion in cuts to the program as mandated in Obamacare will negatively impact senior’s health security. These cuts will mean fewer plans with fewer benefits, jeopardizing seniors’ access to care.

“Over the last year, Americans watched as this Administration unilaterally delayed or modified major provisions of Obamacare for purely political reasons. Yet to date, seniors have not been spared from Obamacare’s cuts to plans, limits on access to providers, or the most recent regulation limiting choice of plans and drugs.

“If these cuts continue to occur, Seniors who liked their health care plan, will not be able to keep it. If the President won’t work with Congress to repeal these cuts along with the other devastating impacts of Obamacare, House Republican leaders have urged him to develop a plan to address the devastating impact of these cuts, ensuring – at a minimum – that seniors will not experience further disruptions in 2015.”