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Washington, D.C. – Congressman Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on House passage of H.R. 3301, the North American Energy Infrastructure Act:

“For nearly six years this Administration has blocked the Keystone XL pipeline, which would create 42,000 good paying jobs for Americans while adding to the infrastructure necessary to help make North America energy independent.

“Six years is simply too long, especially considering that the project has passed every test put against it. Today, the House changed the rules on the clearly flawed permitting processes by passing the bipartisan North American Infrastructure Act (H.R. 3301). This bill deepens our ties with our North American neighbors while creating jobs for Americans and reducing energy costs by speeding the approval of energy infrastructure, like the Keystone XL pipeline.

“H.R. 3301 will guarantee that there is never again another Keystone debacle by requiring that requests for cross-border oil pipelines, natural gas pipelines, and electric transmission lines be approved within 120 days of their submission unless they are found to not be in the national security interest of the United States—a scenario difficult to imagine when you look to current events in Iraq.

“By integrating our energy infrastructure with Canada and Mexico we strengthen our ties to our allies, move America toward energy independence, create jobs, and lower energy prices. That’s a lot of good for hardworking Americans. I would also like to thank my good friend Chairman Fred Upton (MI-06) for his and his committee’s leadership in making sure we build an architecture of abundance to achieve North American energy independence.”