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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement regarding reports of the Administration’s expansion of Obamcare “hardship exemption”:

“It has come to the attention of this Congress that the Administration has once again rewrote the rulebook on President’s healthcare law, and failed to inform this Body or the American people. This rewrite will exempt millions of Americans from the law’s individual mandate provision through 2016. It is fitting that this news has come to our attention in a week in which we are debating and legislating over the President’s history of interpreting and enforcing the law as he sees fit. In addition, this decision comes on the heels of last week’s bipartisan vote, despite a veto threat, to delay the individual mandate for every American, which this rule change by Administrative fiat effectively does for millions of Americans. This week, we’ll vote again to delay the individual mandate and in light of the Administration’s recent actions, we hope the President and Congressional Democrats will join with us to provide relief from this law to every American.”