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Washington D.C. – House Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) gave the following remarks at today’s Charter Schools Week press conference:


“Thank you, Mr. Leader. It is said that education is the great equalizer. We see that generation after generation. But to make that so, you got to have choice, you’ve got to have options. Lots of times in Washington you hear things that are just so partisan. I want to stop for a moment and I want to thank Chairman Kline. This isn’t a bill that’s coming out of Committee by one side voting one way and another side voting another way. They put the priority on the children. A million kids waiting. That’s unacceptable in America. Let’s give them a choice and an opportunity. Chairman Kline did a tremendous job. Congressman Miller, we’re going to move this bill out. But this touches almost every single district. Just within our Conference there are 178 members that have charter schools in their community.

“In my county, just outside my district, one of the most diverse cities, low-income, is a city called Arvin. There’s one family there, the Grimm family. If you’ve ever eaten a baby carrot, you’ve eaten one of their carrots. They’ve been successful. They took a lot of risk to create their business. But they were offering these scholarships to colleges, all within the community, and they found time and time again that they had money left over. Why weren’t kids taking the options? You know what they did when they did the research? The kids needed more help. They needed greater choice, not at the college level, but at the lower level to be able to get into college. So, Barbara Grimm Marshall took her resources and created the Grimmway Academy just three years ago. Do you know what happened last week? They won the California Distinguished Schools Award. Just in three years, they won the California Distinguished School Award.

“I’ve been out there. I’ve seen the faces. And I will leave it with this question: does this bill need to become a law? You ask these kids behind you. Has your school changed your life? That’s the only answer you need. Put politics aside, let’s focus on the kids, and let’s give greater choice in this country.”

To watch a video of Whip McCarthy’s remarks, click here.