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At the first weekly press conference of a new Democrat administration and majority in Congress, Leader McCarthy wrapped up his remarks focused on the lack of priority from the Biden administration’s day one agenda and opened it up for questions.

Every question was about Trump or palace intrigue politics. Most were about Trump.

Much of the media isn’t interested in the policies we’re working on, how our values inform them, or what our constituents need. This has been the trend for some time, but with the White House and Congress now led by Democrats, this lack of interest is not only frustrating, it also shields the political party in power from accountability.

It’s been frequently said that the media is broken. There are scores of interesting pieces on this, but this one caught our eye recently. Also notice the medium — an online publisher supporting paid newsletters. Going direct.

The legacy media’s reach in providing information on our government and country is as large as ever. At the same time, the public’s trust in that media has hit an all time low. This has given rise to popular direct-to-reader efforts from folks outside the media establishment delivering trusted news analysis.

This extends to ideas and organizations as well. Venture capitalist firm Andreessen Horowitz announced it is planning to build out its own media apparatus and produce more of its own content, moving in the direction of “owned media, not earned media … and wants a “‘more formalized vehicle to get narratives and stories out there without having to go through the press.’”

In this case, it’s troubling that the media has become less interested in how new companies or technologies are impacting our lives and more focused on the people running them or whether they are meeting the latest woke standards.

Similarly, it’s no longer what conservatives are working on that’s interesting to the media, it’s conservatives themselves. We know how that often plays out.

That brings us to The Starting Line.

Waiting for the culture to change while banging our heads against the wall because substance is ignored for junk food are not promising options. We have to get creative. We have to work even harder. We have to find ways to get the stories of our values and vision to everyone searching for understanding.

That’s what we’re trying to build here, and we want everyone to join us in this effort. It’s imperative this medium and others to come aren’t another echo chamber. That it doesn’t follow popular consensus. That it surfaces stories from Americans outside the beltway in the heart of American life to create a community around our messages so we can be a stronger voice for the unheard. That’s our commitment and we look forward to doing it with you.