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For several years now, Americans have faced unnecessary uncertainty in health care brought on by Obamacare. Few knew how plans would change, how much premiums would rise, or even how hard it would be to actually log on and purchase a plan from

With states across the nation from Florida to California announcing premium hikes this coming year, Americans are bracing themselves for added costs. However, according to the National Journal, consumers could be hit with major price increases and they won’t even know until the IRS sends them a bill.

Because of the complicated way in which Obamacare attempts to manage insurance markets, subsidy rates are determined in part by a “benchmark” plan. However, the benchmark plan can change each year without consumers knowing. So, if a plan is less than it was the previous year, subsidy payouts are less, and consumers who stay on their same plan have to pay the difference.

The only problem is, the government will continue to send out subsidies based on the old benchmark, and will bill you later for what they overpaid. You won’t even find out you owe money until you get your bill!

Rising premiums are bad enough, but combined with the lack of income verification, millions of individuals are receiving taxpayer-funded subsidies they are not qualified for.  These recent costly failures are even more proof that Obamacare is a disaster.