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Leader McCarthy’s USA Today Op-Ed: Schools and Child Care Must Reopen for Kids, Parents and the Economy

We cannot let our focus on the present distract us from preventing a child care crisis that will keep our students from returning to the classroom and their parents from returning to the workplace.


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America Is More Than An Idea

This Fourth of July may look a little different than usual, but every American should pause for a moment today to thank God that you were born here. I’m proud of our…

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Thank a Cop

These are the men and women who protect our national monuments and keep Americans safe—U.S. Park Police. I visited with them before their shift began to show them the support they deserve.


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McCarthy: I’m So Thankful That God Made Me an American

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McCarthy Calls on Pelosi to Condemn Mob Violence

I am calling on Speaker Pelosi to show true leadership by breaking her silence.

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McCarthy: We are Proud to Stand With Hong Kong

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy (CA-23) released the following statement on standing in solidarity with the people of Hong Kong against the Chinese Communist Party’s unlawful and aggressive…