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National Police Week

As National Police Week begins, here is a reminder that Democrats are the party of crime. As a direct result of their ‘defund the police’ and soft-on-crime policies, cities across America have…


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GOP Leaders React to NSBA Investigation

Those who coordinated these unprecedented attacks on our families must be held accountable.

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Buchanan, Guthrie Announce Healthy Future Task Force Solutions to Secure Public Health

Panel Rolls Out Innovation Policy Solutions to Prepare U.S. For Future Pandemics

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Pelosi’s Peloton Perk

This week, as families scramble to find baby formula, Speaker Pelosi’s House decided to add special new perks for Washington lawmakers and staff.

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McCarthy Honors Merchant Mariners of WWII at Congressional Gold Medal Ceremony


We are grateful for their service to our nation. And we will always remember the sacrifices of the Merchant Marine.

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Gas Prices Top $4.00 a Gallon Average in Every State

It’s time for President Biden and House Democrats to quit playing the blame game and unleash America’s domestic energy production.

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McCarthy: Americans Cannot Afford Another Two Years of Democrat Control

Democrats are presiding over one of the costliest years in recent history – and the next year could be even worse.