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Leader McCarthy and House Republicans Unveil the Commitment to America

The House GOP’s Commitment to America will deliver on getting our nation back on track.


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Leader McCarthy and Rep. Mike Gallagher in Fox News Op-Ed: We’re in a Cold War with China. Here’s How We Win It.

It’s time for a change in how the U.S. deals with the threat of CCP aggression.

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Leader McCarthy Announces Rep. Mike Gallagher as Chairman of the China Select Committee

The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest geopolitical threat of our lifetime.

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The End of President Biden’s Military COVID Vaccine Mandate

The end of the mandate is a victory for our military and for common sense.

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Oversight in the 118th Congress

Accountability is coming.

Enough is Enough

In March 2021, House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy, along with some of his colleagues in the House Republican Conference, visited the border and warned that suspects on the terrorist watchlist…

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House Republicans Demand Testimony from Biden’s Administration

Washington, D.C. — House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy issued the following statement calling for House Republicans to fulfill their constitutionally-mandated oversight authority over the Biden…