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Our Country in Crisis

A letter to House Republicans from Leader Kevin McCarthy:
Operation Warp Speed has brought our country back from the brink. You see it in our communities with retail and restaurants operating at…


The American Story

The Real Cost of Gas

The people who are most affected by this are those at or below the poverty line. For them, taking trips isn’t just for fun or for recreation.

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The U.S. Cannot Afford a Weak Approach With Putin

Tomorrow’s summit is an opportunity for our country to stand united and hold Russia accountable.

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Leader McCarthy On Fox & Friends: America Is Worse Off Because of Biden’s Weakness

Because of President Biden’s policies, American families are concerned about costs, crime and competitiveness.

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Flag Day

Leader McCarthy released the following statement on the freedom, opportunity, and liberty our flag represents:

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McCarthy, Jordan Send Letter To Attorney General Garland Urging DOJ To Reject ‘Defund the Police’ Proposals

The DOJ must reject reckless proposals to defund our police.