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McCarthy Announces Appointments to USMCA Mexico Labor Expert Board

This week, Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy announced the appointment of Stefan Marculewicz and Philip Miscimarra to the Independent Mexico Labor Expert Board.


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The Democrat Agenda: Dismantle, Defund, Destroy

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Pelosi on Violent Mobs: “People Will Do What They Do”

Today, Nancy Pelosi was finally opened up about her thoughts on the violent mobs who are attacking people and property. Her response? “People will do what they do.”

Her job is to write…

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McCarthy: We Cannot Continue to Jeopardize the Development of an Entire Generation

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McCarthy: Let’s Prioritize and Protect Child Care and Schools

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Leader McCarthy’s USA Today Op-Ed: Schools and Child Care Must Reopen for Kids, Parents and the Economy

We cannot let our focus on the present distract us from preventing a child care crisis that will keep our students from returning to the classroom and their parents from returning to the workplace.